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Keaton Basso RMT, R.KIN, FST

Keaton Basso is a Registered Massage Therapist and Registered Kinesiologist.  Keaton graduated from Laurentian University with a Bachelor's Degree in Physical and Health Education and from the RCCMT with a diploma in Massage Therapy.


 Keaton utilizes various therapeutic tools and techniques (Movement + Touch based) including Massage Therapy, Fascia Stretch Therapy, Kinesiology which help to assess and treat dysfunction and chronic injuries while also aiming to improve performance and health. 


Keaton works with the general public and athletes of all ages/background/level. Keaton has experience working with many athletes including players in the NHL, OHL, CFL, Soccer Canada, Skate Canada and USports.


Lidia Szucs CPT

Lidia grew up in the Middle East and moved to Canada in 1994 from her native Hungary to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from McGill University. She decided to pursue her interest in exercise and physiology as a career. 


Lidia believes in regular exercise and an active lifestyle over a lifetime rather than a quick fix. Lidia offers different training styles that include strength and conditioning, resistance training, functional movements, interval training, circuit training, hypertrophy training, core training, exercise for seniors, in-home training (in accordance with Ontario laws).  Lidia helps clients become knowledgeable and motivated, while making balanced eating and regular exercise a fun and rewarding part of their lives.

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Dr Randy Busch DC, B.Sc. Kin

Dr. Busch's goal is to provide the regions of Rockcliffe, Beechwood, Vanier, and the Greater Ottawa area, with evidence-based, patient-centered care, with personalized treatment plans to fit the needs of each patient.


He focuses on identifying and understanding the root cause of his patients’ complaints. Dr. Busch uses a diversified treatment method, which includes chiropractic adjustments, mobilizations, soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, modalities, and rehabilitative exercises to allow each patient to reach his/her goals.


He is also certified in Functional Integrated Acupuncture, SmartTools instrument assisted soft tissue therapy, and Mental Health First Aid.

In his spare time, Dr. Busch enjoys running, playing recreational hockey, softball, soccer, outdoor activities, reading, and enjoying time with family and friends. He is very excited to be a part of Rockcliffe Chiropractic Centre and is looking forward to giving back to the community!

Randy Busch.jpg

Brett Patterson CPT

Some people wear many hats, but Brett wears many shoes! Ski boots, runners, cycling shoes, work boots, dress shoes, and sneakers (all humongous). As someone with a number of varied interests, he takes great joy in spreading those passions to others. He is the head coach of the local University Ski Team; has a literature degree; plays bass in a band; and as a personal trainer he works with people to help them reach their best.


Brett grew up playing a lot of sports, and found joy in training for those sports between seasons. Learning about the principles behind the workouts —both physical and neurological— has been a lifelong fascination. Your workouts should be fun and never stale, but always working towards your goals. If you're looking for someone who is an educator and not a cheerleader, reach out today and book a consultation!

Brett Patterson.jpg

Nicole Lafrance RMT

Nicole began working in multidisciplinary clinics in 2014 while completing an Honours BScHK from the University of Ottawa. Working alongside multiple healthcare professionals, allowed her to understand the value in a collaborative approach to patient care. 


Her interest for movement quality and maintenance pulled her toward massage therapy. Here, she works directly with clients aiming for rehabilitation, refinement and/or improvement of movement mechanics. Her goal is to cultivate curiosity in one’s own body and pursue the possibility of healthy, pain-free living. 


Nicole continues to register for therapeutic courses to encourage dexterous and effective treatments. She also enjoys rollerblading, rock climbing, volleyball, aerial silks, snowboarding and skating to stay strong. 

Nicole Lafrance Massage Therapist.jpeg

Dr Pierre Brunet DC, B.HSc.

Dr Brunet works with professionals, athletes and individuals with busy lifestyles. As a chiropractor, he treats and educates individuals who have limitations with their joints, nerves and muscles so they can achieve optimal levels of health. As a result, their quality of life and health improves.


Dr. Brunet is an Ottawa native who played various sports growing up before attending the University of Ottawa, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences in 2010. While at U of O, chiropractic care had a big impact on his recovery and prevention of various injuries.  He pursued his love of health and wellness and graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in 2014. Dr Brunet is currently the Chiropractor for the Ottawa Black Jacks pro basketball club and Ottawa Champions Can-Am pro baseball club.  Dr Brunet is a member of the College of Chiropractors of Ontario.

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